Welcome to my space in the world wide web – Analogue Travelogue. I’ve agonised for years over the perfect name for the blog that I wanted to write, and I believe I’ve finally found it.

This space will be my permanent home for my records of my travels and adventures around the world, my thoughts, my opinions and ideas, my reviews of things that I use, and a showcase for my photography and film making.

I don’t quite know exactly where this will all lead, but I’ll start with an upcoming trip to New Zealand, and follow that up in the (not too) distant future with a more grandiose around-the-world adventure spanning four or five continents and dozens of countries.

In the mean time, I’ll begin with some opinions and ideas, and detail the planning process for all the adventures I hope to embark upon. I hope you find this blog as interesting and enjoyable to read as I will (hopefully) find it to experience and write about.